Year 6 Stone Age Workshop

Wed 31 Jan 2024 | History, Latest News 2023 - 24, Year 6

Article 28: All children have the right to an education, through a range of experiences and topics.

Year 6 trekked down to Seaham Beach to take part in a Stone Age workshop with OASES. We began by looking at where the Stone Age would fit into a historical timeline of life in Britain before dividing ourselves into 4 clans.

In our clans, we created a banner and clan name, before designing a suitable hunter-gatherer living base (including features we wish we could have, even if they maybe weren’t quite historically accurate…!). We also had a try at flint knapping (breaking pieces of flint into smaller, sharper pieces to use in weapons) before creating some axes and hammers using these pieces of flint. We also tried using flint and steel to create sparks, replicating how humans began to discover the uses of fire.

We also had a lot of fun beachcombing – trying to see who could find the most unusual shell or rock.

With our new-found skills, do you think we’d make good ‘Stone Age’ people?

And we couldn’t resist a classic seaside photobooth!