Year 6 PE – OAA

Thu 25 Apr 2024 | PE, Year 6

Article 24: All children have the right to a healthy lifestyle, supported by a range of sporting activities.

One of our PE units this half term is OAA – Outdoor Adventurous Activities. The idea behind this unit is to develop teamwork skills and critical thinking skills. The children work together on different sporting tasks to try and find the quickest, easiest or most efficient way of solving the task. This promotes leadership skills, perseverance, ‘outside-the-box’ thinking and teamwork. The challenges so far have included moving across an area but linked together in a certain way, or coordinating tasks by communicating in different ways.

And despite the name, the weather doesn’t stop us! Although we had to move indoors, the children excelled in their balancing tasks, loading a member of their team with various PE equipment by communicating effectively and coordinating balance and delegation.