Year 6 NUSTEM Workshop – The Mathematician

Fri 22 Dec 2023 | Maths, Science, Year 6

Article 28: All children have the right to an education and opportunities to raise their aspirations.

Year 6 had a visit from Joe at NUSTEM (Northumbria University) for a science workshop. This session was called ‘The Mathematician’. We looked at where maths can be found in nature, where we may not always spot it.

We explored a series of images to begin with, looking for ‘self similar patterns’ in nature – patterns which repeat, where each iteration is a small version of the main feature. We explored how this works in trees, broccoli, lightning, and a range of other naturally occurring things. We then explored accuracy of measurements, and how this changes when you look closer at an object. We then completed the session by exploring ‘Sierpinski Triangles’. We’ve never drawn so many triangles!

You might even be able to spot some of our Sierpinski Triangles on the NUSTEM website: