Year 6 Library Visit

Thu 7 Dec 2023 | English, Year 6

Article 15: All children have the right to join groups and organisations.

Article 17: All children have the right to access information.

On Wednesday 6th December, Year 6 went on a visit to Gateshead Central Library. The children took part in a task called ‘Judge a book by it’s cover’ where we had to explore books based on our initial interest of the cover. We had to identify key information about the story using the cover and title pages and talk about what interested us most about our chosen book. We then looked at similar books with different styles of covers – looking at how sometimes it is important to consider a book for its story, even if the cover doesn’t immediately appeal to us.

The children were then given the opportunity to choose a book to borrow from the library to take home and enjoy. The librarians also discussed with the children about the importance of reading and shared all of the facilities and activities available at our local library which are all free for children and their families to access.