Wheelchair Basketball

Wed 24 Jan 2024 | Latest News 2023 - 24, PE, Year 5, Year 6

Article 23: Children have the right to participate in activities, inclusive of their abilities and disabilities.

Some of the children in Years 5 and 6 were given the opportunity to work alongside a coach for a session of wheelchair basketball! The session was designed to provide all children access to a sporting activity, regardless of ability or disability. The wheelchairs were tricky to coordinate at first, but the children had a fantastic attitude to developing their skills and progressed through the session to playing a full game.

We practised manoeuvring, dodging, dribbling, tackling and shooting, before gathering those skills together. All children were able to succeed and found it enjoyable to take part in a Paralympic sport, taking into consideration how important inclusivity is in our world. A huge thanks to Brian from ‘B Russell Coaching’ for delivering our session!