Wed 22 Nov 2023 | PHSE, Year 6

Article 6: To develop their skills and rights to survival and a healthy development.

As Year 6 children, our pupils are earning more responsibilities both in school and outside. To support with this, Year 6 visited Safetyworks, in Newcastle, to develop our awareness of how to respond in difficult situations and how to keep themselves safe when exploring the North East.

They had a session with Nexus, where the children looked at Metro safety and what to do / not do around railway lines. The session with the lifeguards allowed children to explore the dangers of water and the things they could do to help others if they were in danger. They had a session with the fire brigade about the dangers of anti-social behaviour and how fires can affect everyone as a consequence to actions. The workshop included a session with a police officer, learning how to deal with peer pressure as the children explored a situation and the possible consequences (no one thought the police cell looked comfortable!). The final session was about road safety and how the children can keep themselves visible during the darker winter nights as well as choosing the safest places to cross.

The children were able to respond really well to the situations and demonstrated good understanding following the sessions.