Meet the school council

South Street Community Primary School Council comprises of 12 councillors: 2 children from every Y1 –Y6 class and Mrs Saxby. Councillors are elected at the start of each academic year by their peers. In addition to representing their own class, school councillors each represent Reception and Nursery classes, therefore representing the views of all of our pupils across school and allowing them the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of our school community.

Each councillor attends regular school council meetings. Each meeting has an agenda and minutes are taken. There is a large School Council notice board in the hall, which is frequently updated with information about news and events.

Positioned by the board for everyone to access is the School Council Suggestions Box. As well as feeding back views via school councillors in class, this gives all children the opportunity to write down and post any suggestions they have and the box is emptied at every meeting. Any suggestions/issues raised are firstly discussed by School Council in our meetings and are then reported to Miss Wales, or a relevant member of staff as required. The ‘You Said We Did’ section of the noticeboard is updated on a regular basis.

As part of their role, School Council are involved in developing procedures and routines, suggesting improvements in health and safety and many other aspects of school life. They also work with staff and the volunteers of South Street to enhance areas of school e.g. playground/ classroom.

As part of our wider curriculum, our councillors have been involved in projects in our local community such as our food bank campaign and ongoing work with Saint Mark’s Care Home, as well as organising activities for local and national fundraising events such as Children in Need and Comic Relief.

 We try to be very professional in our school council meetings so we use the following vocabulary:

Agenda – a list of things to talk about.

Councillor – someone who has been voted for to work for their class and younger children on the school council.

Minutes – the notes taken during a meeting so people can see what goes on.

Suggestion – an idea for the council to discuss.

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