‘How Many Jelly Beans?’ in Year 2

Fri 2 Feb 2024 | Maths, Year 2

Article 28 – Every child has the right to access education.

This week throughout school we have been looking at the book How Many Jelly Beans?  which has been the main focus in our maths lessons.

Monday 29th January – Year 2 children were estimating how many jelly beans were in each glass jar. They then checked by counting accurately.

Tuesday 30th January – The children were finding half and quarter of jelly bean quantities.

Wednesday 31st January – The children were estimating the length of different objects and then they measured them using jelly beans.

Thursday 1st February – We organised the jelly beans into groups based on colour. The children then showed this information as a tally chart and then transferred it onto a block graph.

Friday 2nd February – The children were using jelly beans to help them add.

The children have worked super hard and have impressed us with their maths skills. They have enjoyed working with the jelly beans, but more so eating them afterwards!