How are Searches Influenced?

Wed 8 Nov 2023 | Computing, Latest News 2023 - 24, Year 5

Article 28: We have the right to a good quality education.

We have been learning about how searches on the web can be influenced. We found out the web-searcher can influence the results by things such as:

  • Their choice of search engine​
  • The words used in the search phrase or term

The search engine company can influence the results by:

  • Their ethics and beliefs​
  • The rules that their web crawlers follow​
  • The rules that their page rank uses​
  • Money they make from advertising

The webpage creator can influence the results by things such as:

  • The terms, text, and headings used on the pages​
  • The links in and out of a page

We looked at some searches and how they brought back different results because the searcher refined their search. We were great at spotting the words that made the search more successful!

We also looked at how some pages rank higher as they pay the web browser company. We talked about how we must check that this is not causing us to pay for services that could be free and how we can use a range of websites to check information not just rely on the first one. We also thought about the information that we would not find on the web and why this would be.