Feeling Blue…

Wed 20 Sep 2023 | Latest News 2023 - 24, Music, Year 5

Article 31: We have the right to take part in a range of artistic activities.

Our music unit this half term is about Blues music. So far, we have looked at where the music originated and listened to some examples to see what themes the lyrics had. We decided Blues music is about expressing feelings of sadness, worry and frustration, and overcoming hardship. It originated from music sung by black Africans who were taken to be slaves and the songs helped them to keep up their spirits.

We are now beginning to learn how to play the 12-bar blues. Today we began with learning to play the C chord. We learned a chord is made up of two or more notes played together (often three). Our C chord was made up of C and E. We played the chord individually, together as a class and alongside a piece of music.

In our next lesson we will learn two more chords: G and F before we put them together to play the full 12-bar blues.