Cholera Workshop

Mon 24 Jun 2024 | Latest News 2023 - 24, Science, Year 6

Article 24: We have the right to be healthy.

Today Year 6 had a fantastic visit to Newcastle University to complete a ‘Cracking Cholera’ workshop.

We learned about the 1831-2 outbreak of cholera in Gateshead – using primary sources from the Special Collections to explore the first terrifying outbreak of cholera in Gateshead Newcastle in 1831-2 (focusing upon symptoms, attempts at prevention and treatment).  The children then learnt about 19th Century herbal remedies:  we choose ingredients for the poultices and tinctures which we made in the lab.  We then became 19th Century Quacks:  creating 19th century cures for cholera and test the effects of their poultices /tinctures on cells.  Finally, we looked at apothecary vs biomedical scientist: investigating the use of magic bullets (antibiotics) and become modern day biomedical scientists, identifying the cholera victims from a number of bacterial swab samples.