Thu 28 Sep 2023 | Maths, Reception

Article 28: Children have the right to a quality education

We have been learning how to compare objects at Maths time. The children have learnt to observe objects and notice when they can see similarities and differences. The children listened to a story about Frog and Toad, two woodland friends. In the story Frog and Toad went for a walk in the woods and Toad lost his button. It was a large, white, thick, round button with four holes. The children went for a walk to find Toad’s button. They found buttons that were different shapes, sizes, and colours. They found thick and thin buttons and buttons with different numbers of holes. They took the buttons home and emptied them into a basket. They then compared the buttons and sorted them into sets. The children sorted them by colour, size, shape and according to the number of holes in each one. It is amazing how many different kinds of buttons we found.