Brain Buddies

Tue 23 Jan 2024 | Latest News 2023 - 24, PHSE, Year 5

Article 24: We have the right to information to keep us healthy.

We re working with RISE, who are Education Mental Health Practitioners, on a four week programme to help us think about our emotions. Rob and Callum delivered our first session today. We began with a warm up activity called, Would you rather…?

We then talked about how our brain works and how we can help ourselves to feel in control. We will be completing a tool kit: Zones of Regulation over the coming weeks.

Rob and Callum asked us to think about why we have emotions and asked us to name as many as we could. They talked about how all emotions can be good and that even when we feel scared this can help us to stay safe.

We completed a sheet to think about all the people around us who can help us depending on the feelings we have at any particular time.

They also taught us two strategies to help us to feel calm: hot chocolate breathing and chair push ups.