Author Visit

Sun 25 Feb 2024 | English, Latest News 2023 - 24, Year 5

Article 17: We have the right to books.

We visited Gateshead Central Library today for the first of three workshops with the local author, Lisette Auton. She talked to us about how as a child she’d draw a puffin on the books she designed and now her dream has been realised as her books are now published by Puffin.

She talked about how to get ideas to a publisher and that an agent is a really important part of this process. She shared two of the books she has written so far with us.

She then showed us how she records ideas for her books – word hoarding and story map and note making. We had a go of this too.

She also talked about introducing characters and conflict to move the story on.

We left with lots of ideas to get our creative juices flowing and are looking forward to showing her our developed ideas in the next workshop.