Assessing Risks in our Learning Spaces

Thu 12 Oct 2023 | Reception

Article 29: Education must encourage the child’s respect for the environment.

The children have been learning about taking care of their learning environment and how to play safely with resources. They worked together to consider risks in different places around the setting and discovered ways that they be more careful. In doing so, they are looking after the environment and each other. The children looked carefully at large blocks for example and noticed that the long planks were tricky to carry. They decided that it would be better to share the job of transporting these blocks with a friend. They worked together to carefully transport the equipment at tidy up time. The children also considered how high we should build with the blocks. The children talked about the blocks falling and hurting people. They also commented that the blocks needed to be placed gently in case they trapped fingers. We are learning to take care of our learning spaces and each other in the early years at South Street Primary School.