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Article 14: We have the right to our freedom of thought and choice of religion, and to understand the practises of other religions.

Reverend Margaret joined us today sharing the message of advent and how the count down to the birth of Jesus is celebrated by Christians. She explained the importance of lighting the candles at St. James and St. Bede Church every Sunday of December and then lighting the final candle on Christmas day.

Reverend Margaret then shared a tradition called ‘Las Posadas’ which celebrates Joseph and Mary’s journey from Bethlehem to Nazareth in search of a place for Baby Jesus to be born. A main component of this celebration is asking for a posada, a place to rest. Rev. Margaret then gifted The children and staff of South Street with a knitted Joseph, Mary and their Donkey where we are to share them around school offering different places to stay. We look forward to sharing their journey and resting places with you all soon.

The children were then gifted with a chocolate advent calendar to celebrate and begin their own count down of Christmas at home. The children were extremely grateful and excited!