A Visit to Washington Wetland Centre

Tue 23 Apr 2024 | Latest News 2023 - 24, Reception, Science

Article 28: Every child has the right to an education.

Article 24 : Every child has the right to learn about keeping safe and healthy.

Article 29: Every child has the right to an education that helps them to care for and protect their environment.

Reception Class have had an amazing visit to see wildfowl in their natural habitats. They saw different kinds of duck, goose and swan in ponds, lakes and in marshy areas. They also learned about life cycles and were really lucky to observe tadpoles and goslings.

After putting our lunch bags in the barn, we went for a walk around the centre. We then visited the woodland and used natural resources to make nests. We visited the flamingos, otters and in the end we had a brilliant time at the park.