A Visit to the Library

Thu 19 Oct 2023 | English, Reception

Article 29: Every child has the right to a quality education.

We had a very exciting visit to our local library today. We worked really hard to understand how important it is to look listen and think when we are out and about in the environment and were very safe – especially when crossing the busy roads. We talked about the traffic lights and knew that we needed to wait for the green man to appear before we walked across the road. We were very excited when we got to the library! Some children talked about their experience of visiting with their family and already knew what they needed to do to take a book home. The children took part in a book hunt. They were given a list of illustrations that they needed to find by looking inside the picture books. This made us look at lots and lots of books. The children were reminded that books are very precious and that we need to hold them carefully and return them to the shelves. After the book hunt we listened to the librarian read a story. It was fun and we could join in with the sounds and words.

Before we returned to school, we chose a book that we could take back to school and share with our friends. We have lots of cosy book spaces at school and there is nothing better than reading a book and relaxing.