A Tricky Word Thief!

Mon 12 Feb 2024 | Latest News 2023 - 24, Reception

28. Access to education- Every child has the right to an education.

29. Aims of education- Children’s education should help them fully develop their personalities, talents and abilities.

At school this morning, Mrs. Fradgley caught a tricky word thief on the security camera! It was our monster Stubbs. He stole the tricky words and we needed to read them to find out which words the had taken from our set. Stubbs even wrote a caption on the back for us to read. It said “Stubbs is the best!” He really likes tricky words.

Some children decided that they needed to catch Stubbs in the act, so they made posters and signs to display around school. They even thought they should take some to the school office to see if Mrs. Hay and Mrs. Wynn had seen him.

Other children wanted to make a trap to catch Stubbs. They thought about the best way to get his attention and made posters with tricky words to hang above the door. The children used tools to make a hole to post the string through and decided the best place to hang it. They then used a range of resources to build their trap. They put in a jewel that Stubbs might like and explained that when Stubbs goes to get the tricky word and the jewel the basket will trap him! They even hid monsters beneath the trap to help. One child used Lego to make a security camera which they placed beside the trap to catch Stubbs in action. Once the trap was set the children turned their thoughts to what would happen with Stubbs next. One child decided to build a jail. He made a sign for it and measured string that went across the roof to make sure that he couldn’t escape. Play people were placed around the roof as extra security. One child suggested that we could make a word book for Stubbs to read as it might stop him from stealing our words if he had a word book of his own! Watch this space to see if our trap worked!