A Spring Visit to the Library

Sat 10 Feb 2024 | Latest News 2023 - 24, Reception

Article 28: Access to education – Every child has the right to an education.

Article 29: Aims of education- Children’s education should help them fully develop their personalities, talents and abilities. It should teach them to understand their own rights, and to respect other people’s rights, cultures and differences.

This week the children in Reception class had a visit to the library. The children have been learning about looking at spaces form different viewpoints and increasing their spatial vocabulary, so before we went for our walk to the library we looked at the route on an aerial map and explored our journey.

Once we arrived at the library we thoroughly enjoyed listening to a story and then sang some songs and rhymes with percussion instruments to keep a steady beat.

The children had fun looking for a new book to take back to school. They found books about Chinese New Year too and were keen to show the staff – making links with their experiences. They children were keen to share books with adults and with their friends.